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※ Guide of 2014-4th Semester
Guidelines for Course Registration
  • -Registration Period : June 9th (Mon.) ~ June 25th (Wed.)
  • -Term of Class : July 1st (Tues) ~ August 11th (Mon)
  • Open to : : College students, faculty and staff, and the general public (not applicable to students under college)
    (KAIST Students can stay the dormitory during the summer vacation when you take the 4th semester language center course. Please register to KAIST Welfare Team during June 9th to 11th)
  • How to Register : Online Registration (Click here for Registration) - Course registration is first come first served basis.
  • Bank Account Information
  • Name of Bank: Woori Bank , Account Number: 270-003359-13-046 , Account Holder: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • When registered more than two courses, please be advised to make each payment to the courses.
    When you make a deposit not using the course taker’s name, please notify the names of money sender and course taker calling to Language Center office (T:042-350-8731~3).
  • Notice of the courses opening, and list of registrants will be posted at the homepage on May 7th, 2014.
  • Course Closure and Refund Policy
  • - Course Closure: To close the course when paid students are less than two third of the capacity
  • *If necessary, the course with less than two third of the capacity to remain open
  • - Refund Policy
    • 1) Course closure: Full refund
    • 2) Cancellation for personal reasons before opening: 95 % Refund (5% of cancellation fees and charges)
    • 3) Cancellation for personal reasons after opening: 95 % Refund (5% of cancellation fees and charges) and to apply the guidelines on the Refund by Korea Consumer Agency’s
    • (Cancellation fee will be applicable only when the registrant already made full payment)
    • - Cancellation made one third prior to the term starts – Refund of two third of the fee
    • - Cancellation made one half prior to the term starts – Refund of half of the fee
    • - Cancellation made one half after the term starts- No refundable
  • Cash Receipt for Tax Deduction Purpose
  • ㆍPlease be advised that KAIST is a non-profit institution in terms of its business purpose. Therefore, please note we do not issue the cash receipt for tax deduction purposes on the registration fee we received
  • ㆍPlease also note that KAIST Language Center is one of KAIST affiliated institutions, not a private language institute governing by the Rules and Regulations on the Establishment and Operations of Private Institute. Therefore, the registration fee paid to KAIST Language Center shall not be included in education expenses upon filing the year-end tax deduction report.
  • * Tel. 042-350-8731~3, http://lang.kaist.ac.kr, language@kaist.ac.kr