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Service Overview

Reviewing academic papers, cover letters, reports, and other documents written in Korean language and improving their validity and logic by, for instance, relocating sentences within paragraphs, proofreading text, and deleting redundant expressions, where necessary.

Online Service
Target documents
Division Type
General Resumes, notices, etc.
Specialized Academic papers, research proposals, reports, administrative documents (official letters), etc.

- No proofreading service is available for cover letters for university admissions and employment, or for assignments/reports related to exams or credits

Required period
No. of pages Express
(1 day)
Normal (4 days) Remarks
Up to 6,000 characters O O The number of characters includes blank spaces.
Up to 10,000 characters O
10,000 characters or more O
(Available after consultation with the proofreader)
  • 1. All proofreading services commence after the client approves the price estimate.
  • 2. Orders received after 17:00 will be counted as having been requested on the following business day.
  • 3. Because no proofreading is provided on weekends and public holidays, the number of those non-business days must be excluded when estimating the date of completion.

Proofreading/revision rates (Unit: KRW)

Type of document Period Fee 비고
General Normal 10,088 For every 1,000 characters (including blank spaces) VAT to apply additionally.
Express 20,176
Specialized Normal 12,106
Express 24,212
Calculation of proofreading fees
  • 1. Before the service is commenced, the estimated fee will be notified based on the original text.
  • 2. On the basis of the number of characters in the original text, a total of 1,000 characters is considered equivalent to one page, and any amount of text shorter than a page is deemed one page.
  • 3. The standard format is a document prepared in HWP format.
  • 4. For customers who desire consultation as well, consultation rates will additionally apply at 32,000 won per hour.
  • Process How to apply
  • Apply online for Professional Korean Proofreading/Revision Service on the website of KAIST Language Center
  • Offline Service (only available for KAIST members)
    Service description
  • Consultation regarding how to prepare documents (cover letters, theses, etc.)
Duration and consultation rates
No. of sessions Duration Rates Remarks
1 2 hours 150,000 VAT to apply additionally
2 3 hours 200,000
3 4 hours 250,000
  • Process
  • How to apply
  • Send an email to: language@kaist.ac.kr
  • Proofreader information
  • 1. Specialists with a degree related to the Korean language (pedagogy, language, etc.)
  • Cancellation
  • Even if a customer makes an appointment for a session and cancels it on the same day, the customer must pay fees for the portion already reviewed by the proofreader.
  • Cancellation is only available by telephone. Please contact the Language Center.
  • For any questions:
  • Tel: 042-350-8731~2 Fax: 042-350-8730
  • Email: language@kaist.ac.kr